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What is Brandactivation?

The definition: Brand Activation is the seamless integration of all available communication means in a creative platform in order to activate consumers. Activation means stimulating:
1. interest
2. trial
3. Loyalty

At Worldlink we understand the value of brand identity and customer loyalty. We further understand that brand activation is a key part of building a brand's identity and engaging with its customers in a way that builds trust and loyalty. Today's successful brands need to do more than simply sell products, they need to promote a lifestyle and values that meet the desires and values of their customers.

This means that for a brand to be successful, it needs to ensure that the customer enjoys a positive experience with the brand across the product cycle. At every touch point where a customer interacts with the brand, the experience should be positive and uplifting. These touch points include communication across digital and traditional channels, the purchasing of a product or service, and after sale care.

At Worldlink we understand the changing customer demands and therefore able to provide the best and most complete Brand Activation solutions. Our technologies provide a seamless customer experience, while our market research ensures that your customers' desires are satisfied.

Activation shifts the focus to the core of marketing: stimulating the buying process. There are various reasons why this focus is so important and why advertisers opt for Brand activation instead of the traditional campaigns. Brand activation addresses the key issues in marketing, the most crucial being Customer Experience. Customer Experiences and those of others are convincing. Active reference on account of a positive experience with the brand is the most powerful instrument to activate people.

Worldlink's Brand Activation solutions include:

  • Field marketing
  • Market Research
  • Strategic Marketing Plan
  • Branding
  • Training and skills development
  • Consulting
  • Call centres

At Worldlink we are able to leverage our knowledge and experience in the field of marketing, branding, sales and IT to help you develop a winning brand strategy. Our team is able to drive consumer satisfaction and engagement across your business channels using our proven solutions.

At Worldlink we thrive to bring brands to life in a way that prompts markets to engage with them on a very real, experiential basis. Grow your brand today by booking a consultation with one of our Brand Strategist.

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