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High School Connect

High School Connect is a branch within the Worldlink business solutions which specializes in equipping High School students with the best instruments needed to succeed in High School. Members of High School Connect enjoy unlimited excess to all our online support structures which comprise of the following:

  • Mentorship Programs
  • Course Material
  • High School Connect Social
  • Worldlink job alert

Brief explanation of our structures:

Mentorship Programs: Member of High School Connect have access to our Lifetime Connection feed, which comprises of successful business personnel's, graduates and university student who will give students the platform to engage them, with regards to matters such as career advice,  guidance and other instrumental information which will be beneficial to students.

Course Material: Members of high school connect have excess to the our online support structure which cover all the subjects under the CAPS curriculum.

High School Connect: High School Social is a communication device which connects all the High School students across the our Country. Members can contact students from other schools and share their high school experiences, study material and any other useful information.

Worldlink Job Alert: Job Alert is Worldlink's service of notifying students of available jobs in their respective fields of study. This service will assist students obtain employment, internships and vacation work during the course of their studies.

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