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Worldlink Recruit

Worldlink recruit is branch of Worldlink business solutions which specialises in recruitment services. Worldlink recruit services unlike most recruitment agencies are not focused on the employer but rather on the jobseeker, who upnon signing up becomes assigned to a Worldlink recruitment consultant, whose primary task is ensuring that the jobseeker gets employed as soon as possible.

Unlike other recruitment agencies, Worldlink Recruit doesn't wait for employers to send through job specs or candidate descriptions and thereafter search for the suitable candidate. We prefer assisting jobseekers to become the ideal employment candidates and thereafter introduce them to prospective employers, ensuring a win/win situation. 


  • Upon signing up with Worldlink recruit, a Job seeker will undergo online screening to determine the exact job they looking for.
  • After the determination has been made, an evaluation of the candidate's credentials will be assessed against those required for the job spec.
  • After the assessment has been made, a report will be given to the jobseeker highlighting the candidate's prospects of acquiring the desired job as well as any necessary changes needed in order to increase success prospects of application.
  • After the feedback from jobseeker, our consultants will proceed to secure the desired job indicated on the jobseekers profile.
  • Worldlink recruit will assist jobseekers throughout the entire employment process i.e. interview.


  • CV Formatting
  • Interview Skills Training
  • Computer Skills Training
  • Soft Skills Training
  • Pre-Recorded Interview
  • Access to Worldlink Services

To Register for Worldlink Recruit Services simply complete the application form bellow and thereafter signup on the Worldlink Social Network, where you will have access to all the services.

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